Use Your Mobile Device to Bet on Sports

by dimeplayersonly on September 11, 2011

Most people that bet on sports use their computers to place wagers. Online sportsbooks have been around for over a decade and they’ve provided bettors from around the world with the ability to bet on almost any sport imaginable. The past few years mobile devices have been all the rage and everyone seems to be trying to enter the mobile market. Online sportsbooks have been entering the mobile market the past few years and it has been a huge success.

Mobile betting allows anyone with a mobile device to place wagers wherever they want and whenever they want. I love the fact that you can place bets whenever you want on your mobile device with some online sportsbooks. A couple of the top mobile betting sites have also implemented live betting on their mobile betting platforms. This means that you can place bets as you watch a game at a friend’s house, sports bar, restaurant or anywhere else for that matter.

Best Mobile Betting Apps

  • Bet365 is our favourite mobile betting app for numerous reasons. New bettors will receive a 100% sign-up bonus when they join the Bet365 mobile sportsbook. Bet365 is compatible with many mobile devices including iPhones and iPads, so you won’t have a problem accessing the platform. There are lots of betting markets available on the mobile app and you can also bet on sports live as they’re being played.
  • If you live in the USA we recommend the JustBet mobile sportsbook. The sportsbook works on many mobile devices including iPhones, Blackberry’s and many other smartphones. You don’t need to download anything in order to access the mobile betting platform at JustBet and the betting markets are excellent. You can wager on a wide range of sports and the mobile betting platform also features live scores and stats that you can view on the fly.

In the next few years I would expect online sportsbook to continue improving upon their current mobile betting platforms. Not every sportsbook has entered the mobile market yet and I expect it to become more competitive, which is great for bettors. The more options we have for betting the better, as it ensures sportsbooks are doing their best to keep bettors loyal.

Mobile betting is a growing market and there is no doubt that the market is going to continue to grow over the next decade. We definitely feel safe recommending the two options listed above, but there are also other great mobile apps. Other popular mobile apps include William Hill’s mobile betting app and Paddy Power’s mobile betting app, but neither accepts US bettors.

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