Ultimate Guide to Rush Poker at Full Tilt

by admin on January 29, 2013

Full Tilt Poker was the first poker site to release a fast-fold variant. Full Tilt launched Rush Poker and it quickly became a huge hit in the online poker world, as it allowed grinders to play many more hands per session and made the game more recreational.

Rush Poker Ring Table Games

To join a Rush Poker game you click on the “Rush Poker” tab in the Full Tilt lobby. From there you’ll be able to select the game you want to play (Holdem, Omaha & Omaha Hi/Lo), the limit you want to play (NL, PL & FL) and the stakes you want to play.

The Rush Poker stakes on the Holdem ring table games start at $.02/$.05 and go up to $2/$4 currently. The Omaha stakes start as low as $.05/$.10 and go up to $1/$2 right now, but once traffic picks up the range of stakes will also begin to increase.

To start playing at a Rush Poker table you need to click the game you want to enter. A pop-up will come up on the screen and you’ll need to enter the amount you want to buy-in to the game with. After buying in you’ll be brought to a table to begin playing.

The major difference between Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker and a normal poker game is that you join one big player pool and you’ll move around tables every hand, which means you won’t play against the same player very often during a session.

On average you’ll be able to play 200-350 hands per hour at Rush Poker depending upon how many players in the player pool. The more players in the pool equates to being able to play more hands due to new tables starting a lot quicker when players fold.

Rush Poker tables will have a “Quick Fold” button that you can press to fold your hand and move to another table instantly. You can fold before the action is even on you in Rush Poker. If you don’t like your hand simply fold and move onto the next hand.

You’re only allowed to play on one table per Rush Poker “Session”, but you’re allowed to join up to four sessions at the same time. I like the fact you can still multi-table in Rush Poker and believe me you won’t need more than four tables running at once.

Rush Poker Tournaments

Full Tilt also runs Rush Poker tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $1 + $.10 to $100 + $9. There are a lot of players in the events with low buy-ins, but you won’t find too many medium-high stake Rush Poker tournaments running currently.

Rush Poker tournaments are the same as ring table games. When you click “Quick Fold” you move to a new table and begin a new hand until the final table. Once it’s the final table in a Rush Poker tournament play reverts to the standard tournament format.

The number of players at each table in a Rush Poker tournament will also decrease near the end of the event. This is to ensure that the tournament remains quick. With only 20 players in a tournament it would take awhile to fill a new table when someone folded.

Will I Earn Full Tilt Poker Points?

Full Tilt Points (FTP) are rewarded to players in Rush Poker ring games and tournaments. Each time you pay $1 of rake into the pot or in tournament fees you’ll earn 10 FTP’s. You can visit the Full Tilt Store to see what you can buy with your FTP that you earn.

If you’re tired of the same slow poker game take a shot at playing Rush Poker today. The low stake Rush Poker games run 24 hours everyday. You just need to download Full Tilt Poker here to be able to access the Rush Poker ring tables and tournaments.

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