The True Story of How PierO Really Got JimmyMac Paid by Oddsmaker

by Dirty on November 17, 2014

by PierO

The story of the public company is a bit complicate. I’m not even sure the public company is still trading. As a matter of fact neither Oddsmaker or Betonusa make mention of it on their web sites while Betonusa for sure used to.

I think what really happened is that the thieves that used to own (and probably still own in part) Oddsmaker needed a new look and used this Germany public company first called betonusa ag, then miobet, but then some kind of pump and dump scam went down (I guess scammers cannot refrain themselves) and that’s the last I heard of the public company (maybe 18 months ago) on the bookmaker site.

However I remained in touch with the guy that was the CEO and part owner of the public company and the few times I dealt myself with Oddsmaker complaints I always spoke to him who was always able to solve the problems and this time was no differernt. When he told me he was going to look into the case, few hours later EOG announced that the player was going to get paid.

Even if Shrink changed his mind about the player, does anyone really think that Oddsmaker would have paid simply because Shrink changed his mind?
Shrink with his new opinion about the player still needed OM to authorize the payment. And in the list of people involved in the case published by Shrink himself, I don’t see anyone who can take such a decisiion, which is why I sent the e-mail in the first place.

This is the last comment you will hear from me on this case. For me it is not important who did what. If EOG needs the recognition so bad they can have it. To me they are clowns and people who believe them are gullible players who probably deserve to lose money. I’m not even sure why someone like Mofome gets paid to moderate a forum. I wouldn’t hire him to clean my shoes. At least the SBR moderators they can take on a complaint with the confidence givern by their betting experiences and the strong connections of SBR as a site. What does Mofome knows or bring to the table beside 1 million posts, none of interest?

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