The Jaguars Just Do Not Have The Bite to Win in 2012

by Dirty on July 24, 2012

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The Jacksonville Jaguars entire 2012 season comes down to one very important question – Is Blaine Gabbert a legitimate NFL starter? The NFL betting world was not overly impressed when the Jaguars brought in former Dolphins quarterback Chad Henne to challenge for the starting job. It would have been cheaper for the Jags to just give the job back to Gabbert and draft a backup. Considering how bad the Jacksonville offense will be this year, it really doesn’t matter who is under center.
The one person who will care about who is under center in 2012 is rookie wide receiver Justin Blackmon. Blackmon has serious talent. But without a quarterback to throw to him, Blackmon could wind up as ill-used as Larry Fitzgerald is in Arizona. The online poker games that the Jaguars are playing are obviously affecting their judgment because the team wasted its third round draft pick on a punter.




As usual, the only shining light in the Jacksonville offense in 2012 will be running back Maurice Jones-Drew. Aside from being famous for his passion for fantasy football, Jones-Drew is also famous for never complaining about how bad the Jaguars really are. He has never publicly asked to be traded and his comments to the media have been nothing but supportive for his team. As good as Jones-Drew is, he is not nearly enough to convince the football betting sites to give the odds to the Jaguars to win.


Quarterback Blaine Gabbert was not impressive last season, but he was also thrust into an impossible situation. Henne was brought in to give some veteran stability to the quarterback position, but Henne is not really an upgrade from Gabbert. If Gabbert is a bust again in 2012, then the Jaguars will follow him down the rabbit hole.




The Jacksonville Jaguars defense is another excellent defensive unit that tries to make up for a terrible offense. The Jaguars’ defense finished ranked sixth in the league overall, eighth against the pass and ninth against the run. The sports betting sites do note that, while the Jags’ defense is an impressive unit, it does not cause a lot of turnovers at key moments. Considering the offense that the defense would have to hand the ball over to, it is probably no wonder why the defense prefers stopping the other team as opposed to getting the ball turned over.




After a full offseason working on his game, the Jaguars really hope that Blaine Gabbert has something special going on. The addition of Blackmon has to help the offense, and the consistent play of Jones-Drew is something the offense can feed on. The Jags also signed kicker Josh Scobee to a long-term deal worth big money for a kicker. It was a move the Jags needed to make if it wants to have any hopes of putting points on the board in 2012.


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