Pay Per Head Shops Expanding Fast In Gambling Market

by admin on June 23, 2012

As most know a pay per head shop is where local bookies are able to move there customer service and action lines over the phone in different countries which provides them a safer and better atmosphere. PPH shops have been on the rise over the past few years but as of late have increased tremendously as it’s harder for governments to prosecute against local sports bookies. Just like in real life as well pay per head shops are not all equal as rates usually very along with service that comes along with it.

I usually don’t recommend anyone to just jump offshore before doing any research because there is a chance they might get a rogue call center and will not help you or your service to your clients. Most wagering clients today want the opportunity to wager online and casino games in which the quality pay per head shops offer. I was reading a quality pay per head press release over at ask the bookie which I think goes over the subject very well. Basically in a nut shell they recommend a company called which has been offering safe and effective service for over 5 years and is known as the worlds largest pay per head platform.


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