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by Dirty on June 29, 2012

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The New York Jets have never been a team to shy away from the limelight. Most of the cast of characters we see now were first introduced to us in the HBO series “Hard Knocks” when the Jets were the feature team in 2010. The sports betting online experts got to hear head coach Rex Ryan continuously predict a Jets Super Bowl win, and the fans got to know some of the players a little better. To the Jets’ credit, it did make two consecutive AFC Championship game appearances before finally running out of steam.


In the 2012 offseason, the Jets have once again grabbed the spotlight and have generated some of the more bizarre headlines in the NFL. After a season where the team missed the playoffs completely, the fans just want to know what the team is doing to get back to the playoffs. What the fans have gotten is another circus as only Rex Ryan and the New York Jets can deliver.


Those who bet on sports got so sick of hearing Rex Ryan talk about how good quarterback Mark Sanchez is that some of the observers actually started to believe it. But the question still remained as to whether Rex believed what he was saying. The answer to that question came when Peyton Manning entered the free agency market and the Jets were one of the first teams to publicly pursue the future hall of fame passer. The Jets very publicly worked Peyton Manning out and then Peyton Manning very publicly went to the Denver Broncos.


The fallout was immediate and presented to the media by a disgruntled Mark Sanchez. To keep its starting quarterback happy, the Jets extended his contract and paid him more money. Then the Jets went to work trying to sign disgruntled wide receiver Santonio Holmes who has publicly come out with his lack of interest in playing with Mark Sanchez. The circus claims that the issues have been resolved and the team is ready to bet back to work. But it was not long before the Jets had the rest of the league scratching its collective head again.


The Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and then released Tim Tebow. Within a week, the Jets signed Tebow and all of the murmuring about Sanchez started again. Even the best sportsbook online had to ask why a backup quarterback was allowed to have a press conference on his arrival. That is when it was rumored that maybe Tebow isn’t going to be the backup. When the team started to work out, Tebow and Sanchez said the right things and acted very professional. But observers have noticed Tebow getting a lot of snaps in practice. The question as to who will be the starter in New York by the middle of the season has to be asked, but no one knows the answer.


Recently, it has come to light that cornerback Darrelle Revis is unhappy with the contract he just signed in 2010 and wants more money. One thing is for sure, things are never boring in the New York Jets camp.


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