NFL Betting – What Ever Happened to Albert Haynesworth?

by Dirty on July 10, 2012

Betting on Albert Haynesworth in the NFL



In 2009, Albert Haynesworth had it all. He was famous and he was rich. His seven-year, $100 million contract that he signed with the Washington Redskins was the richest contract in NFL history at the time. But in two years, Albert Haynesworth managed to fall so far that the thud could be heard all the way back in his hometown of Hartsville, South Carolina. The betting sites point to the Redskins’ contract with Haynesworth as one on a very long list of bad Daniel Snyder decisions. But the Haynesworth signing could go down as the single worst decision ever made in NFL, or even sports, history.


Why did the Redskins give Haynesworth $100 million over seven years? That is a good question. When Haynesworth became a free agent in 2009, the sports betting online experts figured that Haynesworth would get some interest from other teams and perhaps sign a good deal with someone. No one expected the catastrophe that occurred. Haynesworth is the same guy that was suspended in 2006 for stomping on the helmetless head of Dallas Cowboys’ center Andre Gurode with metal cleats. As far as the NFL was concerned, Haynesworth was becoming more of a liability than an asset.


But, as often happens in Washington, Redskins’ owner Daniel Snyder saw something in Haynesworth that no one else saw and gave the big guy the record-setting contract. To many NFL observers, the guaranteed contract spelled the end of Haynesworth’s career. Albert Haynesworth already had a bad attitude and a poor work ethic. This guaranteed contract would mean that Haynesworth would not have to work to become a very rich man, and Haynesworth was more than happy to comply.


The online football betting websites speculated how long Haynesworth would last in Washington, especially when new head coach Mike Shanahan announced that he was moving Haynesworth to nose tackle as part of a new 3-4 defense. Being a nose tackle was hard work and Haynesworth was not interested in hard work. He held out of camp and held his breath until Shanahan agreed to institute a 4-3 defense or take Haynesworth off nose tackle duty. Eventually, Haynesworth reported to camp, but he was still going to be a nose tackle.


Haynesworth failed physicals and refused to participate in team practices. He was becoming so much of  a disruption to his team that team leaders like London Fletcher started to ignore Haynesworth. Whenever the legal online sports betting experts would see Haynesworth on the field, they knew that he was not going to give any effort. After months of conflict with his coaches and several mysterious leaves of absence, Haynesworth was released.


The league was completely shocked when Haynesworth was picked up by the New England Patriots. When he was with Patriots, Haynesworth would pull tricks like lying down on a play and refusing to get up. After a confrontation with Patriots’ positional coach Pepper Johnson, Haynesworth was released by the Patriots. After a short stint with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Haynesworth was released again.


Today, Haynesworth is a free agent. He has his money and he has his health. The likelihood that Haynesworth will ever play in the NFL again is extremely low and getting lower.

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