NFL Betting – Texans Need Schaub, Johnson Healthy To Compete In AFC

by Dirty on July 4, 2012

Betting on Texans Football



Online football betting players know how big of a role injuries can play in the NFL, and Houston got bit by the bug last season as quarterback Matt Schaub and receiver Andre Johnson both had to sit out for a few games, and even though they won a playoff game against Cincinnati, they were never going to beat Baltimore with a second-string quarterback. The Texans will need them back in 2012.


Johnson played just seven games and his 492 receiving yards were, by far, the lowest of his career, and he was felled by knee and hamstring problems, not to mention, he had ankle surgery before last year and the game is starting to take their toll on him. Online NFL betting (click here for more online NFL betting information) players will have their eye on his health, because when he is 100%, Johnson is one of the top two three receivers in the league, along with Detroit’s Calvin Johnson and Arizona’s Larry Fitzgerald.


Schaub suffered a foot injury and sat out the last six games of the season, and even though T.J. Yates did a great job to keep the Texans afloat at the best sports betting sites, along with stud running back Arian Foster, Schaub has been the starter for virtually all of his five seasons in Houston and he has built up a rapport with Johnson. The team trusts Schaub, who doesn’t get the plaudits that other quarterbacks get, but the 31-year-old is consistently at the top of the quarterback-rating list and he doesn’t make a lot of mistakes, like turning the ball over. He would probably be at the top of the second tier and Schaub could be more important to Houston’s odds at betting websites than Johnson.


The two have been working out together during the offseason, trying to get some of their timing back as well as testing out their injured limbs, and that is a good sign that the two veterans are putting in the work to get back on the field. Schaub and Johnson are the leaders of the team and especially the offense, and they’re not the type of players that are going to get in your face and scream; instead, they show their leadership qualities by working hard and being dedicated. This is a big season for the Texans as they should be able to take control of the AFC South if they can stay healthy; they won it with Yates taking over for the last part of the season. But the Texans can’t afford to have Schaub and/or Johnson on the sidelines again if they’re going to move up the AFC’s sport betting ranks.

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