NFL Betting – Tebow-Mania is Perfect for the Jets

by Dirty on July 14, 2012

Betting on New York Jets Football



When the New York Jets became the subject of the HBO series “Hard Knocks,” head coach Rex Ryan went out of his way to tell anyone that would listen that the Jets were winning the Super Bowl. That was in 2009, when the Jets had drafted a rookie quarterback named Mark Sanchez. The sportsbooks failed to see how the Jets were going to make the playoffs with a rookie quarterback. Brett Favre had just left town, and most people suspected that the Jets’ chances of a playoff berth left with the legendary quarterback.


But Ryan proved to be a resourceful and very good head coach. He leaned on his running game, which consisted of LaDainain Tomlinson and Shonn Greene. He limited the amount of passing plays in the playbook to give Sanchez a chance to develop. The Jets had, and still have, an extremely talented offensive line. The New York running game alone was enough to win games, especially with the kind of aggressive and dominating defense that the Jets had.


The sports betting sites were shocked when the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game that season. One of the reasons they were shocked was because Mark Sanchez was rarely a positive factor in Jets’ wins during the regular season and even in the playoffs. It looked like Ryan had formed a cocoon around Sanchez with the rest of the Jets offense and allowed Sanchez to try and manage the game. But every time Ryan would let Sanchez throw the ball, bad things would happen.


In 2010, Rex Ryan was as proud as ever of his team and predicted another Super Bowl victory by season’s end. Once again, the legal online sports betting sites noticed that Sanchez was being limited in what he was allowed to do. When Sanchez would throw for the long ball, it would usually come back as an interception. Despite Sanchez’s struggles, the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game again. But this time, it was painfully obvious that Sanchez was more of a liability than an asset to the team.


That is when cracks started to show in the team’s armor. The media started to come down hard on Sanchez and players started to speak out against Sanchez. One of the most vocal opponents to keeping Sanchez in New York was wide receiver Santonio Holmes. But rather than trying to rectify the situation with changes, the Jets decided to stick with Sanchez and try to get Holmes on board with the plan. That is when the circus really came to town.


Quarterback Tim Tebow was a casualty of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes. The online sportsbook experts wondered if Denver would keep Tebow as Manning’s backup. The answer came when the Broncos released Tebow and he signed with the Jets.


Sanchez was also a casualty of the Manning wars. Peyton Manning was openly courted by the Jets and Sanchez was openly offended. The Jets tried to fix the situation with a lucrative contract extension for Sanchez, but the wound opened again when Tebow came to town.


Now the Jets have two quarterbacks that most teams would not want. But considering how much of a sideshow Tim Tebow can be on his own, it only makes sense that he would fit right in with the circus that is the New York Jets.

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