NFL Betting – Brees, Forte Get Locked Into Deals

by Dirty on July 17, 2012

Betting on Saints Football



Even online horse betting (read here about horse betting lines) fans should be keeping an ear to the ground in regards to the NFL as they can receive some information that will make their task of picking winners easier in the future. Two players that were staring down the barrel of a holdout were signed this week and one contract set an NFL record.


There may not be a team whose legal online sports betting odds depend on one player more heavily than New Orleans’ odds depend on Drew Brees, and this was even before the franchise started to fold under “Bountygate”. Brees had a special connection with head coach Sean Payton, who will sit out the season due to a suspension, and he had a lot of freedom to call plays. But the Saints weren’t willing to pony up for Brees and wanted to sign him to a franchise tag, which Brees obviously didn’t want and he was willing to sit out. The Saints didn’t want to lose any more fans than they already have and Brees is wildly popular in the community, so they signed him up for five years and $100 million, which came with an NFL record of $60 million guaranteed. Brees is also a huge part of the players’ union, so he wasn’t just fighting for his contract, but for future deals and there aren’t many people in the league that deserve a contract like this…but given everything that Brees does on and off the field, New Orleans couldn’t afford to have him on the sidelines and now, they can feel a little safer about their NFL betting odds going into next season.


Chicago was about to go through the same thing with Matt Forte, who wanted a new deal going into last season and proved his value to the Bears by leading them in rushing and coming in third in receiving yards as one of the most versatile backs in the league. But some players would point to a knee injury that may have made the Bears skeptical to sign him to a deal and that was the reason for the hold-up. Chicago would eventually ink Forte to a four-year deal with $32 million, although it hasn’t been revealed how much of that is guaranteed as that is a major factor for delays in many negotiations. Forte may not be as important to the Bears as Brees is to the Saints, but they still need him as he can run, catch out of the backfield and his skills make it easier on Jay Cutler. With Forte back and assuming he is healthy, the Bears should be an intriguing pick for sports betting players.

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