NFL Betting – Baby, It Will Be Cold Outside

by Dirty on July 17, 2012

Betting on the NFL



In 2012, NFL teams will be clamoring for a spot in Super Bowl XLVII to be played in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, 2013. The online betting sites will set the odds, and the bettors will place the action. As the teams take the field each week, we will all be wondering which teams will show their superiority and work towards a Super Bowl berth.


While the sportsbooks expect a lot of great action in 2012, the feeling surrounding 2013 may not be so rosy. Super Bowl XLVIII will be played in MetLife Stadium on February 2, 2014. For those of you who do not know, MetLife Stadium is the home of the New York Giants and is located in East Rutherford, NJ. Why is this so significant? It is significant because this is the first Super Bowl that will be played in an open-air stadium in a city that gets snow in February. It will be snowy and it will be cold, and it could give one team an advantage over the other.


There are reasons that Super Bowls are played either in domes or in warm weather cities. The Super Bowl is supposed to be played in a place that offers neutral conditions and takes the weather out of the equation. It does tend to rain in Super Bowls, but not very often. The point is that teams that play in the snow and teams that play in the sunshine will meet in someplace where the weather conditions are not going to be a factor in the game.


The argument for playing Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey is that football is an outdoor sport that is meant to be played outside. But the best online sports betting sites have noticed a move away from domes in the NFL. Cities like Seattle and Houston have traded in their football domes for open-air stadiums. But Seattle and Houston do not get three feet of snow and below zero weather in February.


The Super Bowl is supposed to be something pure. When the NFL crowns a champion, it does not want to crown a champion that utilized the weather conditions to win the game. It wants to crown a champion that won the game on its own merits. When you play football in the snow, there is just too much that can go wrong that can completely change the tide of a game.


Sure, the conditions will be the same for both teams. But the New York Giants will be much better equipped to put together a limited passing game in a blizzard than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The online football betting purists do not like the idea of an open air Super Bowl in New Jersey. The Giants and the Eagles both deal with the weather conditions and that is just fine in the regular season and the playoffs. The Cowboys make enough trips up north to see more snow than it cares to. But the San Diego Chargers and San Francisco 49ers will be at a distinct disadvantage if they lace up the cleats to play a Super Bowl in the whipping winds of a New Jersey winter.

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