NFL Betting – A Few NFL Props To Bet On For The 2012 Season

by Dirty on June 19, 2012

Betting on the NFL Player Props



Online Euro 2012 betting is hogging the spotlight right now as the tournament heads into the quarterfinals, and then Olympics will begin, but regardless of what happens, the NFL is never far away from the minds of sports betting sharps and there will be a number of props to bet on this season. Here is a quick look at just three props you will find in your sportsbook.


While Peyton Manning has always received all the attention and accolades, it is little brother Eli that has one more Super Bowl ring after leading the Giants to another defeat over New England, and in your online sportsbook, you’ll find Eli as a -135 favorite to throw more touchdown passes than Peyton, who almost overshadowed Eli’s Super Bowl win with his search for a new team after he was released by Indianapolis due to fears about his health. Peyton missed all of last season and it may take a little time the four-time MVP to get used to his new receivers, who are young, and that is why you’ll find Peyton rated at +105 to throw more touchdowns than Eli at the best sports betting sites (which you can find here).


Speaking of Peyton, he is favored at -172 to play more than 8.5 games in total for Denver, while it is valued at +142 that he’ll play less than 8.5 games. So far during OTAs, there have been conflicting reports as to how Manning has looked after another neck surgery last season, but the Broncos felt he was good enough to let go of Tim Tebow, which wasn’t a popular decision for some Denver fans, but it was the correct decision for their odds at betting websites. Manning’s health will be a major storyline throughout the NFL season.


Finally, Detroit receiver Calvin Johnson beat out Carolina’s Cam Newton for the honor of being the cover guy for “Madden 13”, but some Lions fans may be holding their breath as there is always the threat of the “Madden Curse”. It is favored at -125 that Johnson will be hit by the curse, while a “no” comes in at -105, and if you’re a fan of “Megatron”, you should be a little worried. The curse has struck for players like Michael Vick and LaDainian Tomlinson, and Cleveland’s Peyton Hillis, who was on the cover last year, has said that he now believes in curses after suffering through injuries last year. Johnson also has a massive contract to live up to, and the prop states that he only has to miss a game for the “yes” side of the prop to win, so keep an eye on his health before you start betting online this season.


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