NFL Betting – Week 6 Picks

by on October 17, 2009

NFL odds for Week 6 are up, so there’s no time to dwell on last week’s successes and failures. That’s what the offseason is for! Instead, let’s get the jump on this week’s NFL picks while the lines are ripe for the picking.


Chiefs (+6.5) over Redskins


We know what the Redskins are right now: a mediocre team that plays tight defense without making big plays and seriously struggles to move the ball. Washington barely scraped past the horrible Rams at home, lost to Detroit and lost to Carolina. The Chiefs aren’t anything special to say the least but they pushed the Cowboys, a better team than the Redskins, to the brink. Maybe they can lose by less than a touchdown.


Saints (-3) over Giants


The Giants may be the NFL’s best team but they’re due for a wakeup call. Their schedule has been laughably easy, featuring gems like Tampa Bay, Kansas City and Oakland, so it’s entirely possible the Saints will catch the Giants totally off guard. Also, Eli Manning’s foot is bugging him, so he may have trouble avoiding New Orleans’ aggressive pass rush. I like the Saints’ sportsbook prospects.


Packers (-13.5) over Lions


It’s never a slam-dunk when division rivals clash but the Packers are due to explode after losing a frustrating one to Minnesota last week. Aaron Rodgers still managed to approach 400 yards against the Vikings’ tough “D” so he could have his best game of the year against the porous Lions’ D – one that allowed six touchdowns to Drew Brees in Week 1.


Patriots (-9) over Titans


Here’s an example of a game you pounce on early in the week. If the Colts can blow out the Titans in Tennessee, the Titans’ NFL-worst pass defense is in major trouble on the road against Tom Brady. Is there any way the Titans lose by single-digit points in this one? It’s just smart betting management to pick the Pats.

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