NCAA Football Betting – Iowa To Struggle Against Michigan

by Dirty on October 9, 2009

While most people are eyeing the NFL Week 5 matchups, there are a slew of good college football games this weekend. On Saturday night, the attention will be on the Florida Gators-LSU Tigers game but at the same time, there will be a very important game going on in the Big Ten. Leave aside the NFL predictions for now as we take a look at the big Michigan Wolverines-Iowa Hawkeyes matchup.


Michigan Wolverines @ Iowa Hawkeyes

Sportsbook odds: Iowa -8


A lot of sports bettors are wondering which Iowa Hawkeyes team we will see this weekend. Will it be the team that won at Happy Valley a couple of weeks ago and knocked off the Top 10 Penn State Nittany Lions? Or will it be the team that barely squeaked by with a win over the Arkansas State Indians, winning 24-21 over the Sun Belt program?


The Hawkeyes have a tendency of playing down to their competition, which is what it could have been last week. But they also have a tendency of beating Penn State, which means that their one credible win this year could be a fraud.


We’ll find out this week as a decent Michigan Wolverines squad rolls into Iowa City looking for a win. The Wolverines are a tough team to figure out themselves. A couple plays here or there and they could have suffered additional losses to the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Indiana Hoosiers. They also lost in overtime to the Michigan State Spartans last week.


Clearly, the Wolverines have been good enough to play teams closely but they haven’t been dominant at home, which means beating a pretty good Iowa team on the road is unlikely.


At the end of the day, as good as freshman quarterback Tate Forcier has played for the Wolverines, the truth of the matter is that he’s still a freshman quarterback. This may be the biggest game he’s played in so far in his young career.


On top of that, the Iowa defense has proved to be very good when they want to be. This should be one of those weeks.


The Hawkeyes are a particularly impressive team but they do just enough on offense and don’t make many mistakes.


Look for Forcier to work some magic early on and keep his team in the game for about a half or so but he’ll throw a pick or two that will cost his team.


Sports Picks: Michigan +8

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