NBA Free Agency closing in

by Dirty on July 2, 2010

NBA Free Agency kicks off July 1 and teams have been waiting years for this exact day. has odds on where all the top players will play their first game of the NBA regular season.

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LeBron James

Chicago dealt Kirk Hinrich and now has the room to sign James and another big free agent. James may have to live in Michael Jordan’s shadow a little bit, but it won’t deter him. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has done everything but offer LeBron a full body massage, but I think he ends up in Chi-town.

Chicago Bulls (-300)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+200)

Miami Heat (+200)

New York Knicks (+700)

New Jersey Nets (+700)

L.A. Clippers (+2000)

Dwyane Wade

Wade is from Chicago, but doesn’t sound like someone ready to give up the warm weather of Miami. Look for him to find another big free agent to sign with the Heat and go for another title in South Florida.

Miami Heat (-1000)

New York Knicks (+500)

Chicago Bulls (+1000)

L.A. Clippers (+1500)

New Jersey Nets (+1500)

Chris Bosh

Bosh has a great choice whether to follow LeBron or Wade and it’s leaning towards James right now. Bosh is more of a low-key guy and he doesn’t want to be the marquee player to rebuild the Knicks. He already tried that with Toronto.

Chicago Bulls (-300)

Miami Heat (+200)

New York Knicks (+500)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+1000)

Houston Rockets (+1200)

Washington Wizards (+1200)

New Jersey Nets (+1500)

L.A. Clippers (+2000)

Toronto Raptors (+2000)

Amare Stoudemire

Stoudemire has a lot of different suitors and no one is sure what he’s going to do. The Knicks are the best value as they may pair him with Joe Johnson when they lose out on James and Wade.

Miami Heat (+220)

New York Knicks (+220)

New Jersey Nets (+220)

Phoenix Suns (+220)

Chicago Bulls (+500)

L.A. Clippers (+1500)

Sacramento Kings (+1500)

Washington Wizards (+1500)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+2000)

Carlos Boozer

Boozer is the big man consolation to both Stoudemire and Bosh. I think his best pick is in Miami. The Nets are another team to watch here.

Miami Heat (Even)

New Jersey Nets (+300)

Utah Jazz (+300)

Washington Wizards (+550)

Chicago Bulls (+700)

New York Knicks (+700)

Minnesota Timberwolves (+700)

Cleveland Cavaliers (+1500)

L.A. Clippers (+1500)

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