MLB Baseball All Star Game: Changes should Come after Epic Battle

by Dirty on July 30, 2012

MLB Baseball All Star Game: Changes should Come after Epic Battle
July 17, 2008

By:  Dirty —

The All Star Break in Major League Baseball was one to Remember this year all the way around. Who could ask for anything better? You had three things that should make this the last In-Season All Star Game in Major League Baseball History.

  • You had the game being played at the most recognized and celebrated Stadium in the History of all sports, Yankee Stadium.  It is the Shrine’s last year of being an active ball park before the Yankees move across the street into the new $1.2 billion Yankee Stadium. The old one will be turned into a Monument park and Museum and still host some amateur games the last I heard. I am just grateful they are not putting the wrecking ball to it like happens to most old stadiums.  This was a perfect game, in the perfect setting for the Last All Star game to be held in Yankee Stadium.

  • Josh Hamilton hitting 28 homers in the first Round. Some of them made you think Zeus, the ancient Greek God,  had been reincarnated and was bringing thunder and lighting with him.  He hit one completely out of Yankee Stadium and ended with 35 total homeruns. Sure he didn’t win the competition as he had worn himself out with his God like feats in round one. Anyone watching could tell this kid who has battled back from self inflicted drug problems, and being out of baseball 3 years, was having the time of his life. He was feeding off the atmosphere and truly relished every moment.  He would go from signing autographs between pitches to hitting 500′ blasts into the Gotham night.   You got the feeling that this kid was Superman on this particular night.  This young man should be a role model for any young player growing up today. He plays the game the right way, he appreciates what he has, and he is genuinely a great guy. Josh Hamilton battled back from the dredges of the drug culture and has proven that anyone can become a success with hard work and the right attitude.

  • Before the game the Stage was set with the unveiling of the All Time All Star Game team. It was very emotional and electric to see the stars of yesteryear. “The Boss” George Steinbrenner even made an appearance.  The All Star Game Itself was a Instant Classic. The American League won an epic battle that seemed like it was going to last forever.  It was like a boxing Match in the Rocky movies, but the heavy hitting was done by the pitching and defense of each team.  The American League extended its winning streak to 12 straight with a Sac fly in the bottom of the 15th.  You could feel each teams intesity growing throughout the game and by the 4th inning you got the feeling that these guys were here to play baseball and not put on an exhibition that was no fun to watch. Sadly the past 15 or so All Star games were nothing more than Big league players in their Uniforms acting like they were playing whiffel ball in their back yard.  Not in this game. You could feel the excitement every inning. You could see the excitement, and the agony, on the players faces on almost every play.  You had guys sliding hard into bases, trying to take catchers out, and you had pitchers working on 2 days rest that had thrown 100 pitches the game before.  This was a throwback to the All Star Games to yesteryear.

Now lets get to the Changes I think Should be Made. You could have not written a better script to end something than what took place on Monday and Tuesday in The Bronx.  Let the in season All Star Game end on a high note like it deserves.  Now lets do something drastic. Lets end it and make it a 7 game series after the World Series is over. There are many reason to do this and Here are my thoughts

  1. You get rid of the silliest thing in sports — Letting the Home team in the World Series be determined in a what is usuall nothing more than a scrimmage.
  2. You will get home field Advantage going back to how it should be. Either rotate it every year, or let the team with the best record have it..
  3. You still have an All Star break to honor the guys in the Mid Summer Classic.  You have a first half All Star Team and a Full Season All Star Team. The one in July can still be had like always. Only difference is you will Honor the guys who had a great first half of the season. You have the Homerun Derb, the Celebrity Softball game, etc on Monday. Then on Tuesday you have a Old Timers game like they used to have all the time and then you have a Rookies Vs. Sophmores in a “Future Stars” game that lasts 7 innings. You can also throw in a skills challenge, a Father and Son/Daughter Softball game, or anything the players want to have. It is their 3 day break.  To increase fan interaction let so many lucky fans come down to the field and try to hit or strike out their favorite Super Star.  Have a make a wish foundation bring in some kids with severe illnesses come in and spend some time with their Favorite player. Just make it where it is fun and relaxing and the guys get a 3 day break from the daily grind of a 162 game schedule.  You would get all the players and their families there even if they were injured for a fun and relaxing time.
  4. 4. Full Season All Star Series would be held after the World Series.  Voting would be done like it is now but wouldn’t start until August 1 and would end the last day of the regular season.  Our Stars are already going to Japan and other countries to play in Exhibition games, why not let them do it here in America for the fans that pay their salaires and support their teams.   The games would be played in warm weather cities or in domes.  The Fans would turn out and you would get a sweet TV deal to air the games during the week to fill the void on no Midweek football at that point.  The stars would be more apt to play as they would not be as worried about getting injured and ruining their 2nd half of the season. Teams would let their stars play for the same reason. Pitchers could make more than a token appearance.  You could add spots to the roster so more players from the lesser teams could make it.  If you are a Royals fan you could see your guy play a good bit instead of pinch hit.   


I could keep on and will maybe if I get some good feedback on this idea. I believe it would go along way in bridging the gap between baseball and the fans that have been alienated by the Strike, Steroids, and that idiot Bud Selig ruining the game we love as an owner acting like a Commisioner.

Lets get America’s Pastime back to where it belongs…… A Fan Favorite and something we enjoy watching and talking about and as far away from all the black eyes the sport has suffered the past 15 years.

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