Major League Baseball — How To Bring it Into the 21st Century and Shorten the Post Season

by Dirty on October 13, 2009

In MLB the teams play 162 games over the course of a season… these guys are used to playing 28 out of 30/31 days a month and are conditioned This way…… Then when they hit the playoffs they may play 3 times a week… If a team goes to the limit in all 3 series (5,7,7) That means they will play 19 games in 35 days….This does not sit well with Fans and Players….. players don’t want to play and have 4 days off…. Yankees and Angels won on Sunday and don’t play until Friday….Give me a break… Start the fucker on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest…. Phillies Clinched Monday… Start Wednesday….

No excuse in this and it does not let the best team always win in the post season… It took a 4-5 man rotation to get you into the playoffs and it should take one to win the World Series… The way the games are spread out a team with two very good pitchers and mediocre pitcher who gets hot has a great shot at winning a series and rarely pitch on short rest….

Here are my Solutions

  • Start the playoffs Two days after the Regular Season Ends…
  • Extend the Division Series to 7 games so a good two man rotation can’t win it
  • Play the Games 2-3-2 Just like they used to with one travel day between .. the 2nd and 3rd dames and the 5th and 6th games …That means if you go 7 games it takes 9 days to play the series….so if you start the Division series near October 1st you can start the 2nd round usually by the 12th….
  • Then have 2-3-2 in the ALCS and NLCS and do the same thing… That means you can start by October 23rd or so …
  • Then have the World Series on an alternating basis between the NL and the AL or at worst case the team with the Best record gets home field.. not this asinine way of doing with the AS Winners….
  • Start the WS two days after the ALCS and NLCS… that way we are done by the end of October usually…..
  • The Reason this will happen is the chances of All Series in Both leagues going to the limit are slim….the next series would start two days after the end of the series just finished.. so if Both Division series ends in 5 games then you don’t wait until the 12th… you start 2 days after the DS is finished…

Also Another Thing I would do is Have the All Star Game in July as Normal, but give the players some rest instead of being so rushed … let them lounge around the day before and after the AS Game… It is a needed break and I think you will see more participation in the game and Extra activities if you do what I am suggesting in the Next Paragraph.

Push the HR Derby, Celebrity Softball Game with HOF’ers, The Future Stars Games and even Add a Old Timers Game and have it the Day before the World Series Starts in the Host City…. Start at 9 AM in the Morning with some Interactive activities for the Fans outside the park and make it Kid Friendly . Start the Festivities at 12 noon with the Futures game and then cap it off at 8 at night with the HR Derby. Have a great day of laid back baseball fun and get the whole sport behind the World Series instead of just the two Cities Involved and Die hard Baseball Fans.

Baseball is still a great sport and has a lot to offer, but they need to come out of the stone ages.  I am a baseball purist and hate the Wild Card, Interleague play and the DH, but baseball has already crossed those bridges and will not look back. It is Time to bring it into the Here and Now and quit being wishy washy on whether you want to hold onto tradition or truly become a 21st Century sport and gain New fans for a sport that is being left behind by the NFL Promotion Machine.

Good Luck in the Playoffs!!!!!


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