Giants 2012 Super Bowl Win Not Enough – Patriots Still 2013 Super Bowl Favorites

by Dirty on February 7, 2012

Betting on Super Bowl XLVII


One would think that a New York Giants victory over the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl wouldn’t be as much of a shock the second time around, but just ask any of the countless fans and bettors who had shown their faith and support for the Pats over the past few weeks and you’ll hear the truth.


Worse yet, ask Tom Brady.


In what was but “wasn’t” a rematch of the 2008 title game that saw the Giants play spoilers to New England’s then-undefeated season, the two teams took the field in Indianapolis Sunday looking to set the record straight. Was Super Bowl XLII a fluke? Could Eli Manning rally his troops to genuinely contend at Super Bowl XLVI?


It didn’t take long into the game for the Giants to hop back in the driver’s seat, a seat they’d grown familiar with over the years. Even during their regular season clash this year, it was New York who walked away victorious. With all things considered it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they made off with the championship, yet somehow it is.


Looking forward, the NFL betting line for the 2013 championship has the Patriots out on top. With 7/1 odds of winning the Super Bowl they place second behind only Green Bay. The Giants, of course, as they’ve grown used to, are further down with 15/1 odds.


Will we ever learn?


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