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by Dirty on March 10, 2010

Sports gamblers and fans from around the world are gearing up for one of the most exciting times of the year. The 2010 edition of “March Madness” is right around the corner and almost a month of total chaos in the college basketball and sports world will ensue. The NCAA Tournament will run from (not counting the play in game) will run from Thursday, March 18 and culminates with the National Championship Game on Monday, April 5. This yearly Ritual seems to get more exciting every year. Why not come out to GamblingIQ and enter one of our contests by top rated sportsbooks and participate in sports gambling talk in our every growing forums.

This years NCAA Tournament is shaping up to be one that anyone can win. There has not been a dominant team this year. There have been teams like Kansas, Syracuse and Kentucky that have shown signs of dominance and are arguably the three best teams in the country, but they have also shown to have weaknesses and can lose to anyone at anytime. This year any one of the top 12-15 teams in the country can legitimately win the National Title. With this being the case this is why GamblingIQ is having Three contests for the posters at GamblingIQ. We have one that suits every posters likings and needs and all are sponsored by top rated online sportsbooks.

GamblingIQ has a Head to Head Shootout sponsored by Bet Phoenix that costs $200 to enter and the money is yours to wager with. This Contest will be highly contested with some of the best handicappers on the internet already in this contest. We have 22 posters already in this contest and only have room for 10 more to share in $2000 in Prize money. No reason to waste anymore time wondering if you are one of the best handicappers in forum land, come on over the GIQ and enter this contest and win the $1000 first prize being given away by one of the finest online sportsbooks in the world.

Our Next Contest comes from and is one of the oldest and largest online sportsbooks in the world. The prize money is $1000 and only requires a $25 deposit that is yours to wager with. You can get up to 4 entries into this contest if you deposit $100. This contest is a bracket contest with a spin on it. Each game will be chosen against the spread and the winners will be determined by won/loss record. Instead of filling your brackets out all at once you will have time to handicap the games and make your plays before each round begins. This will show who the best handicappers are and someone can’t just get lucky to win the big prize.

Sports Betting at

Finally our last Contest is a Sweet Sixteen Contest Called “Dash for the Cash” Sponsored by Bookmaker is one of the top 5 sportsbooks in the world and is respected by everyone in the gambling industry. They have been around for over a decade (BetCris) and are one of the first books to put out lines on games. If you are not playing at this book you don’t know what you are missing. Gambling IQ has a great relationship with this book and in having that we can get your bigger bonus’ than any other forum on the internet. This contest will give you a 2nd chance to “Cash” in if your brackets are already torn up and in the trash. There is $1000 in prize money and all you have to do to enter is have an active account at the sportsbook. Stop by the forum and read all about this great contest from one of the most respected books in the world.

GamblingIQ’s sports forums are growing daily and we have great handicappers that share their insight and plays with our posters on a daily basis. We are a no-nonsense forum that does not allow bashing of posters and we love to talk sports. If you want a forum that is sports oriented and not dialed in on all the interforum drama of other forums then GIQ is your place to be. GIQ has been around for almost two years and we are building our forum piece by piece and are on our way to the top. Come on by and get active in our forums and play at our top rated sportsbooks.

At GIQ we only allow top rated sportsbooks advertise at our site and do not advertise shady or crooked books just for money. Our Books are “B” Rated and above and all treat their players with respect and fairness. Our stable of books includes the 3 mentioned above and the following great sportsbooks — 5Dimes, Bet Jamaica, Legendz Sports, Diamond Sports,, The Greek, and Jazz Sportsbook and Casino.

GamblingIQ is the only place you will need for all your sports handicapping needs. With our Premium Live Lines service called GIQOdds and other handicapping tools along with our forums there is no need for anyplace else.

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