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by Dirty on July 28, 2010

2010 NFL Season Betting

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Most Passing Yards

Matt Schaub led the league in passing yards last year (4,770) and there’s no reason he can’t do it again if he stays healthy. The next closest was Peyton Manning (4,500), with several players bunched behind. Drew Brees had over 5,000 yards in 2008, but just 4,388 in 15 games last season.

The best value pick is Eli Manning (4,021 last year). He has stable of young receivers and the running game is no longer the dominant force it once was. Matt Cassel at 20/1 seems like the worst value even with Charlie Weis the new offensive coordinator.

Drew Brees (5/1)

Peyton Manning (5/1)

Aaron Rodgers (6/1)

Tom Brady (13/2)

Matt Schaub (8/1)

Philip Rivers (10/1)

Tony Romo (12/1)

Brett Favre (15/1)

Jay Cutler (18/1)

Eli Manning (20/1)

Joe Flacco (20/1)

Matt Cassel (20/1)

Most Rushing Yards

Chris Johnson broke the 2,000 yard mark last year and has a reworked contract that is making him at least somewhat satisfied. Adrian Peterson dropped from a league-leading 1,760 yards in 2008 to 1,383 last year.

The best value pick is Rashard Mendenhall. He had 1,108 yards last year and has little competition with Willie Parker in Washington. Pittsburgh also needs to run the ball more with Ben Roethlisberger out the first four games. I hate to keep bashing Kansas City (see Cassel commentary above), but Thomas Jones is a terrible value at 15/1.

Adrian Peterson (5/1)

Chris Johnson (6/1)

Frank Gore (8/1)

Michael Turner (10/1)

DeAngelo Williams (10/1)

Maurice Jones-Drew (12/1)

Ray Rice (12/1)

Marion Barber (12/1)

Knowshon Moreno (15/1)

Rashard Mendenhall (15/1)

Shonn Greene (15/1)

Steven Jackson (15/1)

Thomas Jones (15/1)

Most Receiving Yards

Andre Johnson led the league in receiving yards (1,569) for the second year in a row. Wes Welker was second (1,348), but he won’t match that coming off knee surgery. Miles Austin was third (1,320), but there are tons of receiving targets in Big D.

The best value pick is Greg Jennings (1,113 last year). The Green Bay passing attack is going to be great again, but Donald Driver should start to slow down, giving Jennings more balls. The worst value is Michael Crabtree as Alex Smith is the 49ers quarterback.

Andre Johnson (6/1)

Larry Fitzgerald (7/1)

Reggie Wayne (7/1)

Brandon Marshall (8/1)

Calvin Johnson (10/1)

Marques Colston (10/1)

Randy Moss (10/1)

Greg Jennings (12/1)

Miles Austin (12/1)

Sidney Rice (12/1)

Anquan Boldin (15/1)

Michael Crabtree (15/1)

Steve Smith (15/1)

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