EPL News March 13th

by dmmd98 on July 24, 2013

Wolves are to make a £2m move for Aston Villa striker Marlon Harewood. (The Sun)

A tell tale sign that it’s going to be a slow news day when a transfer rumour regarding Marlon Harewood is the first item you read. Harewood must be one of the previous few transfers I’m sure Martin O’Neill would like to take back since taking charge at Villa.

Hull are planning a multi-million pound raid on Europe if Phil Brown can keep them in the Premier League this season. (Daily Star)

Hopefully they get a better return on investment this summer than they did when signing the current injured Jimmy Bullard.

Arsenal skipper Kolo Toure says he is not friends with fellow defender William Gallas, but that they get on professionally. (Daily Express)

I’m sure if you ask many an Arsenal player the same question regarding Gallas they would repeat Toure’s answer.

Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez is expected to sign a new five-year deal by the end of next week. (Daily Mail)

I’ll believe this when I see it. I’m happy for Liverpool fans that after a rough patch, things are on the upswing again. Come the weekend if Liverpool lose to United it’s back to square one with all the naysayers and friction between Benitez and ownership occurring again.

French legend Zinedine Zidane says Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard is the best player in the world. (The Sun)

Who I’m I to argue with Zidane here but one could poke many a hole against that claim.

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