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by admin on August 17, 2009

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When you decide that you want to get involved with betting on college football you’re faced with a lot of options. Every online betting site promises to give you the best in customer service, but do they really deliver? The truth is that no one can deliver a premium sports betting experience like the sponsors selected by the experts at A straightforward setup and clear instructions make things easy for even the least experienced sports bettor.  Our site has everything necessary to ensure that your college football betting experience with us is the best one that you’ll ever have.

Before you begin what could be a very profitable foray into football betting, it is important that you understand the basics, from the different types of bets to common football betting terminology. Some of the most frequently seen types of football bets are straight wagers, totals (over/under bets), money line wagers, halftime wagers, and parlays.

Straight wagers are bets placed on whether or not a team covers the point spread.

Totals are bets placed on whether the two teams will collectively reach, or fail to reach, the predicted total number of points scored for the game.

Money line wagers are bets placed on a team to win, regardless of the point spread. However, the payout will adjust depending on which team is favored and by how much.

Halftime Wagers can be one of several different types of bets, but they only concern the action in a particular half, rather than the entire game.  A lot of well respected college handicappers chose to play halves because they may be familiar with a particular college team or conference and understand that team’s gameplan.  Their handicapping my lead them to believe that a certain team may be worn out in the second half, or that a team may try and run the clock and keep the score low.  The halftime betting line is often not reflected by cutting the entire game betting line in half.  And of course the second half betting line is contingent upon what happens in the first half of the game.

Parlays are bets that link two or more bets or teams in separate games. The success of the bet depends on the success of all teams selected in the parlay wager. Parlay wagers can be some of the most lucrative bets in football betting, allowing players to gain considerable returns on their picks without risking much money.

These are some of the most common types of wagers to pick from in college football. The next important thing to understand before you begin participating at and making picks is basic bankroll management strategy. As the saying goes, “bet with your head, not over it.”   This involves a careful awareness of the money that you can lose (or win hopefully) on football betting, and ensuring that you divvy the money up in a way that doesn’t risk too much money on any one pick or in any one week. Conventional gambling wisdom recommends that you never risk more than a quarter to a third of your bankroll in any one week, and that the sum at risk be divided up among the games you are interested in betting on.

Now that you are familiar with the basic types of betting and some simple skills of bankroll management, you are ready to being your exciting career as a sports bettor at with the rest of our college football handicappers. And remember, no matter how much uncertainty there is in the world of online sports betting and college football, there’s one thing that you can always count on: provides you with an unparalleled sports betting experience.

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