Brobury Sports Survivor Homerun Contest!!!! August 1 – August 31 — No limit on Prize Money!!!!

by Dirty on July 28, 2010

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Brobury Sports has been Kind enough to Sponsor a $250 Weekly Baseball Handicapping Contest!!!! Brobury Sports has been very gracious in doing this, so please take the time to Check them out. This is the Perfect Opportunity to try out one of the best sportsbooks around. They have virtually every possible betting option with great bonuses and outstanding customer service.

How To Enter:

  • Go To Brobury Sports and Open an account
  • Email with your Account number
  • Post in this thread once you email me so I can be sure I got it. Some go to junk so I may not see them
  • Once I receive your email I will add you to the Contestant list in this thread
  • One Entry per IP address. Strictly Enforced


  • This Contest Will Run From Sunday, August 1, 2010 through Tuesday, August 31, 2010
  • The Contest will run every day of the week
  • Each poster will pick one person for that day to hit a home run.
  • If that person hits a home run that day the poster wins $25.
  • The person will pick another hitter the next day to hit a home run to try to keep the streak going. If that player does then another $25 will be added to the players running total for $50. Then the player keeps going until he does not pick a guy to hit a home run on that particular day.
  • Once the streak ends you don’t lose your money you win the amount that has accumulated in your streak thus far. Say you hit a home run 3 days in a row and not the 4th day then you would win $75. ($25 X days in a row Home Runs were hit)
  • You can only use a hitter once during a streak. If you use a hitter on a day and he doesn’t hit a home run then he can be used until he does.
  • If your person hits three homers for that particular day you will win $50 for that day instead of $25
  • Once your streak is over then you can start one the next day

Prizes: Free Plays with a 6X rollover

Prizes will be accumulated by multiplying $25 X Days in a row your player hits a home run.

*All accounts with at least one deposit in the last 14 days are eligible for full prize. Non-funded accounts will receive 25% of the prize.

GamblingIQ Member Special Signup/Reup Bonus Of 35% if you are a new signup. Just use code “GIQ” when you signup or deposit. If you have signed up before and claimed a free bonus and never deposited again after the bonus then you are only eligible for the standard Brobury Sports redeposit bonus at that time

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