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Baccarat is a card game that isn’t quite as popular with Unibet sports betting and casino fans as Blackjack and poker but is an exciting game to take part in when you get to know the rules. Just like in Unibet online casino game Blackjack, you are up against a dealer in which you are both dealt two cards at the start of the game. You are then required to add these totals together. Do bear in mind though that face cards count as zero and Aces are to the value of 1. So for example, if your starting hand was the Eight of Spades and Six of Diamonds, the total would be 14. In Baccarat you take the final digit of this value, which in this example is a four.

The winner in the game is the player who has the highest number. There are some rules you have to follow though. If you have five or less, you must hit another card, but if you have six or more, you cannot take another hit and you must stand on your hand.

The best total in the game is 9 because this cannot be beaten; the dealer can only tie with your hand at the very best.

At the start of each Baccarat game, you have one of three options with regards to what you can bet on. You can either opt to wager on the player’s hand coming on the top, the dealer’s hand being successful or a tie. It is the tie that pays out the biggest odds of these three at 9/1, but there are not usually many ties in Baccarat so do bear this in mind with this selection.

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