2009 NCAA March Madness Free Bracket Contests

by admin on July 31, 2013

Gambling IQ is proud to offer 3 March Madness Bracket Contests

March Madness is here!  You need some free bracket contests to enter and we have ‘em at Gambling IQ!

Below is a list of our current free NCAA Bracket Contests.  You can enter our groups and join in our prize pools or youcan create your own office pool with your friends.  The entrants into our bracket pools can win up to a million dollars!  If you want to maximize the amount of money you can win you will need to sign up and deposit at our sponsoring book, however there is no requirement except on the Sweet 16 contest.

Those are some great college basketball pools.  If you get busted out of the first two bracket contests, you can redeem yourself by entering the Sweet 16 Challenge!

If you need help filling out your ncaa bracket please visit our college basketball forums.  One of our knowledgeable basketball bettors will be more than happy to give you their thoughts on who is going to beat who in the tournament.

Thanks for enterting our March Madness Contests and GOOD LUCK!  You’re gonna need it!

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